DBC News is a Bangladeshi satellite based private television news channel. The channel officially launched on 21 September 2016. Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury as the chairman of the channel , Shahidul Ahsan as the managing director and Manjurul Islam as the chief editor.

Along with daily news, DBC News hosts daily ‘special’ news and discussions on women, agriculture, trade, sports, politics and diaspora. A popular talk show called Rajkahan is held here.

Programs carried by DBC News include 1. The other side (women’s rights and contemporary women’s development discussion program) 2. Solution Sources : (discussion programs for various problems of women and children and their solutions) 3. Talikhata : business and capital market discussion program 4. Krishi Katha : Talks on Agriculture Program 5: Play with Sports : Discussions on Sports at Home and Abroad Program 6: News Extension : Analytical Discussions on Selected News of the Day 7: Conclusion : Month-long Discussion Programs on Topic 8: Rajkahan : Talk Show on Politics 9: There are also daily specials and breaking news every hour.